aside Shock at Featherstone as club part ways with head coach Sharp


LD Nutrition Stadium

By Sebastian Sternik

Since joining the club in 2015 Jon Sharp has enjoyed plenty of success at Post Office Road. Now that he’s gone, what does the future hold for Featherstone?

The Rovers boss won the Championship Shield in his first season in charge and followed that up by qualifying for the middle 8s in consecutive seasons.

With that in mind, it is hard to believe that a potential candidate for the Championship coach of the year would be released with a month to go until his contract expired.

The real reason why Sharp wasn’t offered a new deal is still unclear however, the question regarding his replacement could be answered soon.

Moments after the departure of Sharp, many were quick to put John Duffy as the favourite to take over. Only hours later, the Swinton Lions boss resigned from his post at the financially troubled club.

In an incredible turn of events, could Duffy be the man to replace Sharp? If so, what does this mean for Featherstone. After a grueling season the club have recently sealed a place in the top four for a second successive year.

However, they will not be going into the Qualifiers with much momentum following their latest defeat at home to Halifax. Additionally, their last game of the regular season is away at Toulouse; never an easy place to go.

Its important to add that Sharp isn’t the only man departing the LD Nutrition stadium. Assistant coach Danny Evans and the head of strength and conditioning Billy Mallinson have also gone.

Overall, it seems that the Featherstone management have played a high risk game with this sudden call. Whether it pays off, we will have to wait and see.

But while there are many questions, one thing remains certain. And that’s the fact that Jon Sharp will remain a very highly respected individual among the Featherstone faithful.


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