Yorkshire Sport Foundation announces new partnership

Yorkshire Sport Foundation has teamed up with one of the UK’s biggest charity partnerships to promote their Mums’ Team project.

The scheme aims to get more women in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire involved in physical activity and sports leadership.

Mums’ Team sees women apply for a range of free leadership courses to equip them with the skills and knowledge to lead groups of friends, and the local community in physical activity, or to support their children’s sport sessions.

Since January 2016, 70 women have received qualifications in sports including running and badminton.  Fifteen women are district mentors working with the aspiring leaders and coaches.

The year-long partnership with the National Charity Partnership- a collaboration between Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Tesco, which was launched this week at Batley Cricket Club, aims to increase the number of mentors to 30 and help an additional 55 women gain coaching qualifications.

Mentors are encouraging more women like Yasmin Hassan to get involved with the initiative and share their passion, perseverance and motivation for being a sport leader.

Yasmin, from Batley was looking for something to get involved with after her son started school, and like many women was struggling to find something suitable before hearing about Mums’ Team.

She said: “My son was due to start school and it was the right time for me to find something to get involved in. I already had an interest in keeping fit and helping others stay active and the name of the project inspired me to get involved.

“I liked the idea of being active with other women and with other mums. Before Mums’ Team there wasn’t really anything else for Asian women to get involved with. A number of us wanted to play and get involved in sport and physical activity but we had nowhere to go.”



Yorkshire Sport Foundation’s Mums’ Team in action.

As part of the team Yasmin now feels more active and believes she is better at encouraging others to exercise more, which is a main aim of the link between the National Charity Partnership and Yorkshire Sport Foundation.

Nigel Harrison, CEO of Yorkshire Sport Foundation, commented: “It’s great the Mums’ Team project will be able to continue and we thank the National Charity Partnership for their support.

“There are simply not enough female coaches to give enough opportunities for more women to become active. The Mum’s Team project will help right that wrong.”

Alex Davis, Head of Prevention for the National Charity Partnership, said: “We are looking forward to working with Mums’ Team mentors and volunteers and with the team at Yorkshire Sport Foundation, who work tirelessly in the local community to encourage people to get their heart pumping and body moving.



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