Victoria Lions beaten by Turf in heated friendly


Victoria Lions red and black strip. Turf FC blue and yellow strip. 

Turf ran out 3-0 winners last night against a valiant Victoria Lions, building momentum towards the start of the season in 2 weeks time.

Both teams struggled to breach the others defence in the early stages. Victoria Lions nearly took the league when no 2 broke through the turf defence, a last minute block stopping the striker in his tracks. Turf however broke swiftly on the counter and made it      1-0 on the 30th minute, a powerful finish from close range.

The 1st half finished on a rather sour note, after two Victoria Lions players, Tom Mount and Nicholas Walker threw punches at the opposition defenders after some very forceful challenges from the Turf defence. Victoria Lions needed the break to re-group.

Turf quickly doubled their lead at the start of the second half, n06 cutting through an almost still Lions defence to fire the ball into the bottom right corner from 18 yards. A 3rd goal soon followed, a well struck volley from number 12 leaving Lions keeper Daniel Furness with no chance of stopping it.

As Turf sat back on the 3 0 lead Victoria Lions began to push forward creating several chances which they couldn’t capitalise on. An open net miss from 4 yards left the Lions stunned as to why they didn’t pull a goal back. Turf though were able to keep their clean sheet and record a 3 0 victory.

FT: Victoria Lions Eccleshill 0 Turf FC 3


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