aside Chinese interest grows in Leeds United

Chinese investors are rumoured to be considering a buyout of Championship club Leeds United, in a deal reportedly worth around £100 million.


Steve Tappin, CEO of Chinese company Xinfu, who specialise in offering advice to company CEO’s and offering investment opportunities, is said to be raising interest amongst Chinese Investors in the club, which he hopes will lead to enough funds being available for a buyout.

Tappin believes that after the recent buyouts of fellow Championship sides Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers from Chinese parties, the interest is there in the country to purchase Leeds United.

Speaking to the China Daily newspaper he said: “I have had a series of meetings with related parties all this week and there is definite interest in buying Leeds but I want to ensure it would be with long-term investment, significant working capital and the right governance so it can be a stable platform for sustainable Premier League success.”

“Leeds United is a big club with a very strong fan base and huge potential for investors, particularly if it can be returned to the Premier League.”

Current owner Massimo Cellino has recently said he is ready to sell the club if the right offer is there, following intense criticism from some of the clubs supporters over the instability at the club, mainly through the Time To Go Massimo campaign.


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