Leeds United Takeover? Fan Reaction.


Leeds United are a club that has served as a football joke punch line ever since their relegation from the Premier League in 2004. Poor ownership coupled with fan uproar has plagued the club for the twelve years that followed. However, new rumours have surfaced about a possible takeover of the club being in the pipeline.

The man in question is Australian businessman Frank Lowy. Aged 85, the multi-billionaire estimated to be worth in the region of £5 billion is the chairman of Australian based shopping centre company Westfield Corporation, which operates several shopping centres in the US and Europe.

Lowy was last linked with a takeover of Leeds United in 2010, rumours which were met with much scepticism by the clubs fans. The rumours themselves were slammed by then owner Ken Bates, who was quoted as saying: “I had never heard of Lowy. I know of this story now because someone sent me a printout of an Australian newspaper the report was in but it is the usual rubbish.”

So six years on with Lowy now reportedly interested in a takeover once again, how have the fans reacted to the claims. Many took to Twitter to show their lack of trust in these rumours, believing them to be false.


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